How can I get free xbox live codes you ask?

People all share a common goal, defeating boredom. They will carry out a wide variety of activities to reduce the particular monotonous routines in their every day lives. One of the obvious cures for boredom is definitely video games. More specifically, Xbox 360. Problem with this is, playing solo gets boring eventually and a person seeks to cure this boredom using the only avenue available. Playing against strangers or friends online! We have developed a working generator recently using a code cracking utility. So if you need Microsoft points for Xbox Live, look no further: You can easily get your free Xbox Live codes for premium membership by visiting this link: Xbox Live codes

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3 comments on “How can I get free xbox live codes you ask?
  1. jake says:

    the first few tries didnt work but I got a working code today!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  2. kont says:

    I found your website on Yahoo a few days ago and this is my fourth time coming back, just saying I got a 12 month code at last!

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  1. Anthony Moore says:

    got one that works finally, I’ve been trying for nearly 3 days now! 12 month code is well worth the wait!

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