Where Can I Get Free Xbox Live Codes That Work?

Xbox Live Code Generator
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For human beings to eradicate boredom is the most important thing. They do try number of activities to get rid of the tedious routine at least during the weekend. In the past people used to play physical games to remain active but the new technology has provided the games a new dimension altogether. One is not required to compete in the playfield anymore. Now it is controlled by the internet facilitated computers. Today one can get engaged in various games that are being played on the gaming consoles like Xbox. From the past many years people are using Xbox live codes to explore the thrilling games. Owing to the rare features and unique technique Xbox live became the most popular service of the decade.
Most of the people have already adapted it as a creative activity to pass the free time. Others are looking for free Xbox live codes to begin their gaming voyage. Gaming enthusiasts have developed ways through which they play the game without spending much on it. The free codes are one of the ways that facilitate new challenges in the online gaming arena. The determination of the players has derived the policy of playing games at very reasonable rates. They trigger the availability of the free Xbox live gold codes in the presence of high gaming demands. The code is utilized to compete with the other players and to earn points. It facilitates the unique technology of live gaming in a very reasonable or no cost. This is pertinent in that one will be able to compete with number of competitors.

Xbox Live Code Generator
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Thus it is a unique system which gives the chance to hone the competing skills by meeting the daily challenges. One also gets to learn different ways of playing the online game. Owing to soaring demand of free Xbox live gold codes various websites are offering them in the form of freebies or with games. They are using it as the promotional tactic to introduce new game or websites. So, one can easily obtain the code through any of these sources. Some also charge the fee but that too costs really low and fits in the budget of most of the people. While buying code on the websites remain vigilant to restrict the case of cheating or fraud. Various fraudulent sites offer the code to the players posing as the authentic one but they do this only to extract the personal information of the user.
At the time of purchasing the gaming console one also gets some free Xbox live codes which can be used to play games online. These allow the person to enhance the competing spirit by taking over the competitor. It also provides the scope of refreshing mind by doing something unique. So it has become the most common form of creative activity that one can perform to enjoy some happy moments. One can check with different websites providing this service to verify the genuine and most reliable source. One can also read the reviews posted by previous users to establish the authenticity of the source.
Xbox Live Code Generator
Click the image to access the generator

These days’ people are more into online games. That is why the demand of the Xbox live codes is rising rapidly. They help the user in playing the games to get rid of the boring routine. They also impart the competitive spirit to the player.

Free Xbox Live Gold

Easier method to get your free Xbox Live Gold codes

Free Xbox Live Gold
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The team here at just wanted to let our users know that we have now updated the website to include easier access to your free Xbox Live Gold codes. We have signed with a new affiliate company which has allowed us to incorporate offers into our content locker which are easier and faster for you to complete making your free XBL Gold codes far easier to get! It was a little more difficult before, with the content unlocker offers taking quite a bit more effort to complete. Now they are quicker and easier than ever, allowing you to get your Xbox Live Gold codes for free within seconds instead of minutes!

The entire idea of our Xbox Live Gold codes generator started with an empty wallet. After going out and spending $400.00 on an Xbox with a Kinect for my nephew, the very next weekend my brother called me and complained about my nephew not being able to do everything he wanted on the Xbox gaming system because he needed membership codes for random things like content downloads, which got me thinking… Why are we paying so much for an entertainment console that provides no entertainment unless MORE money is spent? It’s like going to France, having to go to the bathroom, walking into said public bathroom, and realizing you don’t have a bathroom token to open the door. Makes you want to just crap on their pristine floor to get your revenge!

We decided to take on the Microsoft giant and discover how they work. They say you can’t defeat the enemy without understanding the enemy. So we started off with the codes that we had purchased, and ran them through a little program we developed that could pinpoint any patterns that we could find between the cards. As our collection of used cards we had amassed from friends and family were entered in, the similarities and patterns became clearer, allowing us to create a separate program that took all the amassed information from the original program that pinpointed any patterns, and activated our current generator to create codes for you!

Now I bet you’re wondering what Xbox Live Gold membership could do for you, and how you could benefit from not only a membership, but a FREE one at that! Here is a comparison chart directly from the official Xbox website that will show you EXACTLY what you are missing out on:

  1. Download and play free game demos.
  2. Download Arcade and full Xbox 360 games.
  3. Keep games fresh by downloading new songs, workouts and levels.
  4. Rent or buy HD movies.
  5. Find entertainment options that interest you with search powered by Bing.
  6. Enjoy unlimited online multiplayer with friends wherever they are.
  7. Instantly watch HD movies from Netflix, HBO GO and more.
  8. Catch up on your favorite TV series with Hulu Plus and more.
  9. Watch live sports and highlights on ESPN on Xbox LIVE.
  10. Enjoy exclusive member-only deals and previews.
  11. Listen to personalized music with a Zune Music Pass and iHeartRadio.
  12. Chat with friends face-to-face on your TV with Kinect.
  13. Use Avatar Kinect to chat with friends as your avatar mirrors your gestures and expressions.
  14. Get the best value for Xbox LIVE Gold (four memberships for the price of two).
  15. Manage your family’s memberships, settings and activity.
  16. Save with exclusive discounts on family-friendly games.

So instead of wasting your money on Xbox Live Gold memberships put your money where it needs to go right now! Your gas tank! How about those rising gas prices… wanna start at them coming in between you and your Xbox Live Gold memberships? Just get them for free here. It’s the best economical decision you could make in these tough economic times.

Free Xbox Live Gold Generator Updated For Christmas Season 2012!

So you can’t wait to open all your presents set up your brand spankin’ new Xbox 360 system that your parents didn’t think you knew about already, ate an awesome Christmas breakfast and it seems like nothing can put a damper on your favorite day of the year. You sit back to play your Xbox 360 for the very first time and notice you have no Xbox live membership. There is nothing open and even if there were you spent all your money on presents. How dare Microsoft crash your day by not even giving you a free month of membership with their already uber expensive Xbox 360? What do you do now? Before you log onto Facebook to update your status to something about how you got screwed by Microsoft on Christmas, you need to visit our generator at the top of this page and give it a whirl to get your free Xbox Live gold codes!
I bet you are wondering how we do it. How can we deliver such a highly coveted thing perfectly over and over again? Its simple……when you have a bunch of programmers vigilantly working like the devil day and night trying to discover exactly how Microsoft generates their activation codes. And I am happy to say that we have broken the code! Our programmers spent months collecting random Xbox Live codes, and entering them into an algorithm program that deciphers patterns between each code. Once the code was cracked we had only to create our own generator that gave us codes based on all the info gathered from our research. Like the majority of things in this galaxy we are not perfect. There will be the occasional failed code but all you need to do is click the generator again and wait the immense 2 seconds it takes to generate a new code that will work for you.
We really believe that you should not have to pay above and beyond the cost of the system and games in order to play online with your friends. That is simply Microsoft trying to shake every last cent out of you in a time where it is not economically in your best interest to blow your nose on a dollar bill. Unfortunately 98 percent of the world does not have the same problem as Bill Gates. We do not pull crisp 100 dollar bills out from under seat cushions. While we are here to help you past this hard time and save you some money, please remember to use only as many codes as you need so we can keep the generator working and saving you money as long as possible.
Don’t forget to tell your friends about our free Xbox Live codes generator because it’s no fun playing online if you have no one to play with!
Have a happy and safe holiday gaming season!

How I Get My Free Xbox Live Codes

Free Xbox Live Codes

Would you like to know where you can find a WORKING Xbox Live Code Generator? An Xbox Live code generator that delivers the BEST redeem codes which are always valid? Look no further than this website!

Well, there are tons of them around. They have only one problem: they don’t work. All they do is generate a list of numbers that resemble real xbox live codes. It annoys the hell out of me to be honest.

Of course when you try to enter the bogus/fake/spam site codes to play online with your buddies on Xbox Live!, they unfortunately don’t work.

That’s my conclusion and believe me, I’ve tried hundreds of codes from too many so-called xbox live code generators that I downloaded from various forums and blogs, all of them wasted my precious time for nothing.

Good luck if you want to find a working one on those crappy spam-driven sites. I’ve personally found another way to get working Xbox Live codes without the trouble of generating tons of codes with generators and losing my whole life trying them.

HOW I GET FREE XBOX LIVE CODES whenever I want (without the crap):

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– Doesn’t take much effort at all to get your codes, and unlike the other sites, you will get working codes.

This is how I got my Xbox Live codes, recently I gave the same link to a couple of friends and they successfully got codes for themselves to play for free on xbox live.

Happy gaming and enjoy!

If you know of any other methods, let me know. In the meantime…

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Free Xbox Live Gold Codes

Free Xbox Live Codes: everyone seems to be diligently on the hunt for Free Xbox Live Codes

Free Xbox Live Codes

I admit it, I am one of them. I’ve been looking for a way not pay the fifty bucks a year to play with my Xbox 360 online ever since I got my 360. Even though I’m not the biggest addict or gamer and I could live without spending my days playing with my friends on the internet. It wasn’t until I tried Modern Warfare 2 and wow… I absolutely fell in love with it. I saved up a little cash and bought it (mowing lawns and whatnot)… so now all I had to do was find a way to play MW2 online! I searched a lot… tried some different things here and there, but they never seemed to work out… Then I found this website and I said to myself “Let’s see if this really live up to its claims: “THE SECRET TO FREE LIVE POINTS EXPOSED!”

I was a bit skeptical, you know, Internet is FULL of crap. But I gave it a try, what’s the worst that could have happened? I had nothing to lose but a few minutes… and the prize, being able to play on LIVE! freely was too strong!

But it worked. Actually it’s still working, I told a friend about it a week ago and he tried it himself, so now we can play together. I’m not losing anything telling this to you, so if you like, just give it a try. Otherwise… LOL

Summing it all up, TO GET FREE XBOX LIVE CODES all you have to is this:

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– You don’t have to sign up for anything or give your email out to some spammy trash scam artist.

That’s it. The only proven way I’ve ever found to get my hands on free Xbox live codes.

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