Free Xbox Live Gold Generator Updated For Christmas Season 2012!

So you can’t wait to open all your presents set up your brand spankin’ new Xbox 360 system that your parents didn’t think you knew about already, ate an awesome Christmas breakfast and it seems like nothing can put a damper on your favorite day of the year. You sit back to play your Xbox 360 for the very first time and notice you have no Xbox live membership. There is nothing open and even if there were you spent all your money on presents. How dare Microsoft crash your day by not even giving you a free month of membership with their already uber expensive Xbox 360? What do you do now? Before you log onto Facebook to update your status to something about how you got screwed by Microsoft on Christmas, you need to visit our generator at the top of this page and give it a whirl to get your free Xbox Live gold codes!
I bet you are wondering how we do it. How can we deliver such a highly coveted thing perfectly over and over again? Its simple……when you have a bunch of programmers vigilantly working like the devil day and night trying to discover exactly how Microsoft generates their activation codes. And I am happy to say that we have broken the code! Our programmers spent months collecting random Xbox Live codes, and entering them into an algorithm program that deciphers patterns between each code. Once the code was cracked we had only to create our own generator that gave us codes based on all the info gathered from our research. Like the majority of things in this galaxy we are not perfect. There will be the occasional failed code but all you need to do is click the generator again and wait the immense 2 seconds it takes to generate a new code that will work for you.
We really believe that you should not have to pay above and beyond the cost of the system and games in order to play online with your friends. That is simply Microsoft trying to shake every last cent out of you in a time where it is not economically in your best interest to blow your nose on a dollar bill. Unfortunately 98 percent of the world does not have the same problem as Bill Gates. We do not pull crisp 100 dollar bills out from under seat cushions. While we are here to help you past this hard time and save you some money, please remember to use only as many codes as you need so we can keep the generator working and saving you money as long as possible.
Don’t forget to tell your friends about our free Xbox Live codes generator because it’s no fun playing online if you have no one to play with!
Have a happy and safe holiday gaming season!

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