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Microsoft has released so many exciting games for the various Xbox consoles over the years, all of which can capture the imagination and keep you entertained for hours. The problem is that when you’re done with the main gameplay there’s nowhere else to go unless you’ve paid for a subscription to the online Xbox live gold. When you purchase the console it comes along with a teaser which gives you one free month of Xbox live gold, which only succeeds in getting you hooked. After it’s gone, you’re stuck again until you break down and finally buy the subscription. At least, that’s how it used to be.


There are so many scams online that will try to trick you out of your money and time by offering false promises of getting Xbox live gold codes for free with some sort of catch, but in the midst of all the scams there are some sites offering an actual solution. gives you access to free Xbox live gold codes using a highly effective code generator. This means free free gold codes to last you as long as you want. After spending hundreds of dollars on the Xbox itself, the necessary accessories, and the games, why should you pay a high fee every month in order to use the online gaming capabilities? A code generator makes this a non-issue, so you can play online as much as you want without dishing out more cash. Don’t get suckered into schemes that have high promises and don’t deliver. If you want to play Xbox live for free, your options are very limited. Membership fees are high, but you can waste countless hours trying to find a way around them if you don’t know where to go. Save yourself the trouble and avoid the scams from the beginning. Go to the right source for your gold codes so that you can spend your time online instead of trying to get online! All it takes is a few survey answers, and you’re all set to start gaming.


The code generated gives you the same access as you would have if you bought the gold membership. This means that any game with Xbox live capabilities can be used just as it should be, without any limits. Not every game has replay value, and you can’t sell a used game for nearly as much as you bought it for. Your only option if you don’t have Xbox live gold access is to set it on the shelf until you have a reason to play again. When you gain access to Xbox live, the game suddenly comes alive with new possibilities, becoming exciting and new all over again. The money you spent on the game is worth it if you can get your hands on some Xbox gold codes!


“Free” doesn’t come with a catch in this scenario. You will get Xbox live codes for free, all you need to do is answer a few short survey questions. These questions are aimed at making the overall game experience more enjoyable, and the data you provide goes towards that end. At the same time you’re getting what you want, you’ll be helping to improve the future of gaming by giving responses to questions about how you game. Once that is past, the code generator can be put to work to give you your free gold codes. Simple doesn’t even begin to describe it. The best part is that you won’t be shelling out a bunch of time or money, so you can get right to your gaming without worrying about wasting hours on obscure websites filling out personal details or product surveys.


Once you have your codes, there’s nothing stopping you from fully enjoying your Xbox gaming experience. Live access makes everything a lot more interesting, activating the other half of the game that you can’t reach without a gold code. Online play is never the same twice, meaning you can spend countless hours playing without ever getting bored. Connect with your friends or family members to get a bit of rivalry started, or just play with the infinite number of strangers out there looking for some good competition. Stop chasing after free Xbox live gold codes the old fashioned way and check out the best solution available today.

Free Xbox Live Gold Codes Method

I recently shelled out over $600.00 to buy an Xbox One with all the bells and whistles. The box came loaded with a couple of games, a massive hard drive and a free trial to play on Xbox Live Gold. For whatever the reason, I found that little free trial card to be the most valuable asset in the box. I live for online gaming. From Minecraft to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to Need For Speed. My nights are spent dominating other players from across the world on Xbox Live. In fact, if I gave you my gamer tag, it is quite possible we have played.

Free Xbox Live Gold Codes
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So if you have either the Xbox 360 or Xbox One, you know the importance of having an Xbox Live Gold code membership. It is the key to playing with your family and friends. It doesn’t matter if they are in the next room or across the ocean. As you know once that trial code runs out you either lose your access to online games or you have to fork out the monthly or annual fee. If you are addicted to online gaming like myself you will do whatever it takes to keep Xbox live. If you are a moderate player you may like playing online but just can’t justify the monthly fee. So you lose access to playing with your friends and the other perks of being an Xbox Live Gold member. Trust me I understand how times are for most of us. There are times when l have had to weigh between getting a monthly Xbox pass or filling up my car with gas. If it comes down to having gas to get to work or playing COD, I’ll have to choose gas for the car. Although to be honest, it would be a tough decision. I guess I just haven’t gone that far overboard…yet.

So if you have that online multiplayer bug, but don’t have the money or wish to put out for one, let me introduce you to the power of free Xbox Live Gold codes. These free codes seem to fall into line with Bigfoot and UFO sightings. Everyone talks about their existence, but no one seems to ever have proof that they exist.

If you do a simple search on Google for a free Xbox Live membership, you will be faced with pages of results. The problem with many of these sites is they aren’t offering you anything but false hope. I challenge you to hit up 10 sites offering a free Xbox code, and I can guarantee at least nine of them will be scams. Many times if you are wanting to play Xbox Live without paying you are going to have to do some digging and research. In essence, these game codes aren’t really free, you have to trade in some time and hard work. However, I am going to try and give you a few shortcuts to getting a free Xbox Live code without so much work and not infecting your system with viruses and malware. Let’s get you on the way to playing Titanfall for free! Here are three easy ways to get started:

Free Xbox Live Gold Membership Giveaways

These are legitimate sites that offer you a free membership based on a certain action. You may be required to buy a game, complete so many levels in a game, or even participate in a gaming competition. If you feel you have what it takes in gaming, these can be great ways to get free codes. The only problem is they are not a constant and you have to really keep a watch out for these competitions. A good spot to watch for them is in the actual Xbox forums and website. You may also keep a tab on upcoming games, as they are always offering up freebies and giveaways when you pre-purchase.

Free Xbox Live Code Generators

I am not too fond of this as a means to get a free month of Xbox Live just because of the consequences. These code generators that can be found online offer very little value for the user. Typically, the codes that are generated never work and the only thing you are going to get is a headache. Generally, these generators will install adware, malware, and viruses. All you are left with is a broken computer and still no Xbox Live. So if you choose to download an Xbox Live Generator, do so at your own risk.

Free Xbox Live Gold Codes By Survey

One of the best and easiest ways to start playing Xbox Live games for free online is by completing online surveys and offers. Once again, you will have to do a little research to find the easiest and quickest offers to complete. This is one of the best win-win situations online. By completing a survey or offer the company gets simple information and you receive a free Xbox game code.

Best of all, you can do these little offers on a monthly basis and have Xbox Live free all year long. One of the best online sites to get a genuine free Xbox code can be found here. There is nothing to download and harm your computer. You will instantly receive your game code after completing the simple free offer. Here’s hoping to seeing you on Xbox Live!

What you should know about free Xbox Live gold

Xbox Live is an online multi-player gaming service created and operated by Microsoft Corporation. It was made available to the Xbox system in November 2002 and updated to make it available for the Xbox 360 console. It offers players from around the globe a platform to interact and play against each other in real-time through the internet. This online service is available at various levels with Xbox Live Gold being one of the premium levels of the game provided by Microsoft. Players who need free Xbox live gold can get this service by using online tools to access free codes.

Players who have subscribed for Xbox Live Gold gain access to a variety of gaming capabilities. Players can not only watch HD movies, TV shows and sports but they are also able to get access to internet communications using the Xbox Kinect. The Kinect technology enables users to speak out audibly what they wish to listen or watch. The Xbox recognize these commands and activate the required media.

Xbox Live Gold allows players to go online to take part in standard games; alternatively they can play games that involve Xbox Kinect. Although gamers are connected via the game interface the Xbox Live controls all the activity. This means that even when a player is using the interface of a particular game they are able to simultaneously interact and utilize the Xbox Live interface at the same time. The ability to interact and use the Xbox Live interface system makes it easy to manage the system, hardware as well as software components from the Xbox remote.

The Xbox Live Gold service together with Kinect hardware makes an effective too for video conferencing; this can be used for professional and casual interactions. Additionally if you have the Xbox you can simply use a television monitor to keep in touch with family, business associates and friends.

Players who want to get the free Xbox Live Gold have to identify subscription codes that are valid in order to activate an account. These codes can be obtained for free from XboxLive This is the site where you can get more information on how to use this service as well as how to regularly renew it for free. Players who need to get this gaming service for free have to fill a brief survey and enter the required information to be allowed to access the new X box Live code generator. The generator will issue a subscription code that can be used to access the XBL gold network.

If you want to find a functional free xbox live gold code then you have to use an XBL Gold code generator. The code generator program is designed by a team of programmers and uses Microsoft’s code- formation methods that are similar to authentic codes. To put it simply, there are a number of original codes or keys for unlocking the subscription on the Xbox network; however program designers have devised a way to create false codes that are similar to the genuine codes which allow users free access into the network.

Free Xbox Live Gold Codes For Everyone

Anyone would be lucky to get free Xbox Live Gold codes for them to get an Xbox Live Gold Membership. You can get more out of your Xbox by getting a Gold Membership. For games, you can play the latest releases of popular games through game demos. This would allow you to experience the game first before even making the purchase. The membership would also allow you access to the hottest movies. You can download movies online through your Xbox. There are other perks like access to Facebook or Twitter. You can also use Xbox to chat or video chat with your family and friends through their own Xbox. Having the Xbox Live Gold Membership really maximizes the capabilities of your Xbox allowing you to use its many features

It is quite expensive to keep an Xbox. Imagine having to purchase the gaming console. You need to purchase the games to play this with. You would also need an internet connection if you want to play with other people. If you plan on watching a movie, you have to purchase the download for the movie. You also have to secure membership. All of these would require money. An Xbox can be quite an investment as it provides you good entertainment. You are able to play games, watch movies and even interact with other people using social media or chat. This is all available through this gaming console. It would really help to have something that would allow you to lessen the cost of using this device for you to better enjoy it.

A membership codes generator is available for you to obtain free Xbox Live Gold codes. You can enjoy the perks that an Xbox Gold member enjoys. You are given access to demos of the latest games. You watch movies on Netflix. You can your status on Facebook or Twitter. You can also play games with other players and chat with them. Getting a free membership would not only provide you with these entertaining benefits; it also allows you to save a lot of month in purchasing membership every time it expires.

The membership can be very expensive. And to play your Xbox and keep your personal settings and gaming history, you would have to keep your own Xbox Live account. Think about the cost of the membership if each members of the family would have to keep with own. It can be really expensive to maintain multiple accounts in one household. You can save using this code generator if you would have to renew your membership on your account. The codes generator would produce a code for you to renew your membership. This can also generate codes that other members of the family would use. This would provide you with a lot of great savings.

You would need to be here in order for you to use the online xbox codes generator. The generator provides the codes that allow you to redeem the membership through your Xbox Live account. The software may not be able to provide working codes sometimes but it is guaranteed to provide you with a working code 95% of the time. You can simply generate a new code if the first code does not seem to work. The software is not for sale so don’t bother asking. You can use the free generator for xbox live gold by simply choosing an offer to complete. The offers range from completion of a survey or trying out a simple application but all of them are absolutely free to complete. After completing the offer, you will be granted access to the software which would then allow you to get a free Xbox Live Gold Membership. You get access to a free reusable online tool and you get a free XBL membership which is totally cool by anyone’s standards.

You can really make the most use of your Xbox gaming experience and not to mention save some cash with the help of our XBL gold codes generator. It is really convenient that you would have this software for you to play games or watch movies. You can easily stay connected with us on Facebook if you wish to receive free offers and updates on when the Xbox Live generator has been filled with fresh codes. Sometimes we even post card codes for the fastest redeemer right on the fanpage! How cool is that? Other members of the family can also share the benefit of having their very own gold membership. You can enjoy the online games you love to play on your Xbox without spending so much money. All this takes is a simple filling out of a single offer to use our online codes generator which is always available from

Xbox Live Gold Codes

When it comes to online gaming, Xbox Live is among the premier networks available on any platform. With all of the game titles Microsoft and other developers have to offer, there are always new games out there to experience and enjoy. Xbox Live allows players from all over the world to connect and play with each other seamlessly, and in real time, via the internet. This outstanding online service is available in different levels of value, with Xbox Live Gold edition being among the most premium levels of service offered by Microsoft. This article will discuss the uses and benefits of this online gaming network, and will also introduce ways that gamers can get free Xbox Live Gold.

Xbox Live Gold Capabilities

With today’s version of Xbox Live Gold, players have access to a broad range of different gaming capabilities, along with access to all kinds of media content. Not only can individuals watch HD movies, sports, TV shows, and more at the touch of a button, but with Xbox Kinect, the options of internet communication and controlling your Xbox are taken to an even higher level. Kinect technology can allow a user to simply say out loud what they would like to watch or listen to, and the Xbox will recognize this and activate the given media.

With Xbox Live Gold, players can go online and play standard games, or games involving Xbox Kinect. Gamers are connected via the individual interface of each respective game, but the Xbox Live interface oversees all activity. In other words, even though a player can be navigating through the interface of a given game, they can simultaneously be interacting with and utilizing the Xbox Live interface as well. This makes for very simple management of the Xbox system, and all of its hardware and software components; all controllable from the Xbox remote.

Through the Xbox Live Gold service, in connection with Kinect hardware, the Xbox can become a highly effective tool for video conferencing of both a casual or more professional nature. Xbox owners can simply use their television monitor as a means to easily communicate with friends, family, and business associates that may be far away from home, or headquarters. Sure, a computer can handle this task nearly as easily, but not with the smooth interface of Xbox Live Gold.

Members of this impressive online gaming service will have exclusive benefits that are not experienced by lower-level members of Xbox Live. Many of these exclusive benefits have to do with significant discounts on widely varying Xbox Live content, as well as early access to certain entertainment, movies, game demos, and some of the actual games themselves.

How to Get Free Xbox Live Gold

In order to gain access to this exclusive service for free, you must first find a valid subscription code to activate an account. One great website to visit to learn more about gaining free access to Xbox Live Gold is; we are a site that can help you learn more about ways to use this service and how to continually renew it without paying money. All a gamer must do is fill out a brief survey and enter certain information, and they will be given access to a cutting-edge new Xbox Live code generator which will present a subscription code that one can use to gain access to the XBL Gold network.

When it comes to locating a functional subscription code to use for Xbox Live access, the use of an XBL Gold code generator is the way to go. Created by a team of programmers, the Xbox Live Gold code generator is a program that essentially uses the process behind Microsoft’s method for code formation to form new codes that fit the characteristics of the authentic ones. Think about it like this; there are a certain number of original “keys”, or activation codes, that can unlock the subscriptions on the Xbox network. However, programmers have devised a method for creating false subscription codes that mimic the function of the genuine ones, allowing users a free way into the network.

While some may say that this practice is unethical in certain ways, it can easily be said in reply that Microsoft charging its customers roughly 60.00 USD annually to play the games they already spent 60.00 USD (or more) to buy in the first place is unethical. In the end, its up to the individual gamer to make the decision, but once you see how easy it can be to obtain free access to Xbox Live Gold, it can be tough to back to paying 60.00 USD every year for the online gaming service.

Where can you get Xbox Live gold codes for free?

Our website offers free Xbox Live Gold codes and it will always be free. Others may say they do but they are scam websites! Ours is truly unique try it!

If you love playing the Xbox 360, then you must know what Xbox live codes are. Since the beginning, created by the lords of all software development, yes I’m talking about Microsoft, Xbox 360 has speedily rose in rankings to take its rightful place as the best video game console around. Xbox 360 is the 2nd production of Microsoft’s gaming console since the first Xbox. The huge success and consumer want of the first Xbox pretty much forced Microsoft to release their sequel game system, Xbox 360, which I don’t know anyone who doesn’t consider it to be tons better than the first version. After Microsoft launched Xbox 360, the problem arose with gamers of having to pay even more money to play their Xbox 360 on the internet gaming community known as Live.

The Xbox Live gold codes generator that our software team has devised is like no other. It exists solely due to the tough efforts of our development team. They literally collected hundreds if not thousands of used Xbox Live codes to make this work. Basically, they fed all of these collected codes through a complex algorithm solving program in the hopes that it would come up with a working copy of the algorithm used by MS to generate Xbox Live codes. What was expected to take a few years was finished in just under 3 months time. The generator that we have created for you has a 91% success rate. Hardly any of the codes generated wont work. If you get a non-working code, you’ll simply have to generate another one. To keep this fair, we have only allowed one code per day to be generated. This way everyone gets a chance at a free code.

Xbox Live gives the console owner the permissions to play multiplayer online games with people from all around the globe. Unfortunately, to do this, you have to have Xbox Live codes. These codes can be expensive when you take into consideration the economic times the world is facing right now. This is the main reason why we believe that it’s the cost of these codes which prevents gamers from playing online with their friends or strangers in multiplayer scenarios. Like every problem ever faced, there should exist a solution. We are proud to say that we have one for you!

Happy online gaming,

The Hot Spot for Free Xbox Live Gold Codes

Say it isn’t so. Doesn’t Bill Gates have enough money already? Can you believe that after shelling out 300 bucks, you now have to pay for the Xbox Live Gold codes to get the “good stuff”? It’s bad enough that you only get one controller along with a Kinect, but now you have to purchase a code to be able to have an Xbox Live Gold account. What a rip off! I know you are as pissed off as me about this which is why I have decided to make a way for you to get free codes.

How Did You Make the Free Xbox Live Gold Codes?

Killer question! I hooked up with some of my gamer buddies and we scrounged around for all the Xbox Live Gold codes we could find. Once we had collected a few thousand of them, I had my programmers devise an algorithm that looked for sequences in the Microsoft codes. What we thought would take years to decipher was done in MONTHS! Because of the diligence of my staff, we were able to devise a way to crank out free codes. Aren’t we awesome? Now you can get your free codes and use them for a WHOLE YEAR! SAWEEEET!!!!

How Can I Get My Free Xbox Live Gold Codes?

DANG!!! You are two for two. We tried to think of a way to get these out to the gaming community and we have come up with an UBER idea. We are not asking for you to jump through a bunch of hoops. We have teamed up with some advertisers and they have allowed us to provide you with the free Xbox Live Gold codes for simply taking an offer or filling out an easy survey. All you need to do is go here Xbox Gold Codes and choose which option you prefer. Most of the time, the free codes will open up before you even complete the offer. We know your time is limited and you want to get back to your gaming so we have tried to cut corners and streamline the process. It’s a small price to pay for having your free Xbox Live Gold codes, right?

Okay, So What Do I Get With My Free Xbox Live Gold Codes?

Another nice one! Once you get your codes, you can go online to Xbox Live and do a ton of cool stuff. You can download and play free full 360 games, try out game demos, update your games by getting songs and game content, rent or even buy HD movies, hook up and play games with your friends online, watch killer flicks on Netflix and HBO GO, see your favorite TV shows on Hulu Plus, catch live sports on ESPN through your Xbox 360, use Zune Music Pass and iHeartRadio to listen to your favorite tunes, use Kinect to go face-to-face with your buddies and on and on. Dude, my fingers are bleeding from all of this typing. Once you get your codes, you can log in and see what all you get to do. I KNOW you are going to love it AND us! Instead of giving Uncle Bill any more of your hard earned money, put it into the gas tank of your car by getting our free Xbox codes.

I do need to point out that, although the free Xbox Live Gold codes are easy to get, there is no guarantee that they will work. As good as my guys are, they could only get a 91% success rate for the free Xbox codes. Still, that is pretty dang good, right? If you want to make sure that your free Xbox Live Gold codes are going to work and avoid seeing that your code has already been used, you can head over to PointStackers and set up a free account. All you need to do is provide your email address so we can send you your free Xbox codes. I’m going to give you 200 points just for doing that. Hey, it’s a start. The way you get more points is to take a simple survey or try out an offer. We have some cool stuff like free online games and UBER coupons. You can get 20 points for each friend you refer who signs up and verifies his/her account. Remember, ALL of these are free. All they cost is your time. Cool, huh? Hurry and get your free Xbox Live Gold codes and start playing games online. I’ll see you there!

Another option to get your free Xbox Live Gold codes

Free 12 Months of XBL Gold - Guaranteed!
Free 12 Months of XBL Gold - Guaranteed!
Sure, there is a chance to get a working code from the generator on, but if you’re interested in never getting the “already used codes” disappointment from the generator (because they DO go very quickly, and some people know exactly when they’re updated which makes it hard for everyone else to get them), just head on over to PointStackers and read the instructions directly on the front page of how it works, it’s really quite simple, there’s only 4 instructions! The best part is, you are absolutely 100% guaranteed to get your code with very little work involved. Try it and see, I promise you wont be disappointed friends! This is by far the best idea our team has ever had to get people with greedy parents or just people who can’t afford the codes the Xbox Live Gold codes they need! The new site offers a 12 month Xbox Live Gold code for people who make it to 6,000 points. You might think 6,000 points is hard to attain, but it’s really not at all. There are also EASY ways to get points if you don’t want to complete the offers to get them, every friend you get to sign up using your personalized link will credit your account with 100 points for EACH FRIEND! How awesome is that?

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