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Xbox live codes are something that you must have to enjoy the variety of games offered by the console. The Free Xbox codes allow you to have access to Xbox live. It there is one gaming console that can beat Xbox, then it surely is Xbox life. Xbox live gives you access to experience online playing in high resolution. Xbox live enables you to play with people all around the world. You can play with your friends and family even if they are thousands of miles away from you. Whatever your mood is to play racing, sporting or shooting, you can play any game anytime, everywhere.
Million of Xbox are sold every year all over the world. They are just popular in every part of the world. Once you have bought a Xbox, you are given Free Xbox live code for two months. That is just the trial period during which you will not be charged a single paisa to play the games. Once that codes are over, then you will need to buy code in order to play on live.

Now, in today’s financially tough times it can be really hard to buy a code each time. If you are one of those who don’t want to spend too much on buying a code, then you can always go for free Xbox Live Gold codes. But these codes are not easy to find at other places on the internet and you will notice MANY of them are purely scams. You will have to work real hard to have them. Remember the basic rule behind having Free Xbox codes is the hard work searching for them!

For having Xbox code you will need to have an internet broad band service, or ADSL. These are because it will be required to play games easily on the internet. These code are your key to play games like: star wars, Battlefield 2, heroes and many more given the type of card you are having and the availability of games that moment. You will have to create a personal account which will connect you with the gaming console.
free Xbox live GOLD codes are also given by some console sellers as an incentive on buying Xbox live. So when you are deciding to buy a new Xbox live, you should be ready to work hard and search around your area. There often contests that are being held by Microsoft online. Gamers from all over the world take part in these competitions. By taking part in such competition and showing your skills you can always win you Free Xbox live codes. But this is not the permanent way as these competitions are not held frequently; rather they are held just once or twice per year.
If you want access to Xbox codes permanently, then surely you have to work hard. Now this is not just a phrase rather it is the reality. There are many websites that gives away free Xbox gold codes on a regular basis. But you are required to do anything that they might ask you to do. Now this can be any sort of work related to their website promotion, irrespective of the nature of the work, if you want to have your free Xbox codes you will have to do

Free Xbox Live Gold


Microsoft has released so many exciting games for the various Xbox consoles over the years, all of which can capture the imagination and keep you entertained for hours. The problem is that when you’re done with the main gameplay there’s nowhere else to go unless you’ve paid for a subscription to the online Xbox live gold. When you purchase the console it comes along with a teaser which gives you one free month of Xbox live gold, which only succeeds in getting you hooked. After it’s gone, you’re stuck again until you break down and finally buy the subscription. At least, that’s how it used to be.


There are so many scams online that will try to trick you out of your money and time by offering false promises of getting Xbox live gold codes for free with some sort of catch, but in the midst of all the scams there are some sites offering an actual solution. gives you access to free Xbox live gold codes using a highly effective code generator. This means free free gold codes to last you as long as you want. After spending hundreds of dollars on the Xbox itself, the necessary accessories, and the games, why should you pay a high fee every month in order to use the online gaming capabilities? A code generator makes this a non-issue, so you can play online as much as you want without dishing out more cash. Don’t get suckered into schemes that have high promises and don’t deliver. If you want to play Xbox live for free, your options are very limited. Membership fees are high, but you can waste countless hours trying to find a way around them if you don’t know where to go. Save yourself the trouble and avoid the scams from the beginning. Go to the right source for your gold codes so that you can spend your time online instead of trying to get online! All it takes is a few survey answers, and you’re all set to start gaming.


The code generated gives you the same access as you would have if you bought the gold membership. This means that any game with Xbox live capabilities can be used just as it should be, without any limits. Not every game has replay value, and you can’t sell a used game for nearly as much as you bought it for. Your only option if you don’t have Xbox live gold access is to set it on the shelf until you have a reason to play again. When you gain access to Xbox live, the game suddenly comes alive with new possibilities, becoming exciting and new all over again. The money you spent on the game is worth it if you can get your hands on some Xbox gold codes!


“Free” doesn’t come with a catch in this scenario. You will get Xbox live codes for free, all you need to do is answer a few short survey questions. These questions are aimed at making the overall game experience more enjoyable, and the data you provide goes towards that end. At the same time you’re getting what you want, you’ll be helping to improve the future of gaming by giving responses to questions about how you game. Once that is past, the code generator can be put to work to give you your free gold codes. Simple doesn’t even begin to describe it. The best part is that you won’t be shelling out a bunch of time or money, so you can get right to your gaming without worrying about wasting hours on obscure websites filling out personal details or product surveys.


Once you have your codes, there’s nothing stopping you from fully enjoying your Xbox gaming experience. Live access makes everything a lot more interesting, activating the other half of the game that you can’t reach without a gold code. Online play is never the same twice, meaning you can spend countless hours playing without ever getting bored. Connect with your friends or family members to get a bit of rivalry started, or just play with the infinite number of strangers out there looking for some good competition. Stop chasing after free Xbox live gold codes the old fashioned way and check out the best solution available today.

Free Xbox Live Gold Codes Method

I recently shelled out over $600.00 to buy an Xbox One with all the bells and whistles. The box came loaded with a couple of games, a massive hard drive and a free trial to play on Xbox Live Gold. For whatever the reason, I found that little free trial card to be the most valuable asset in the box. I live for online gaming. From Minecraft to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to Need For Speed. My nights are spent dominating other players from across the world on Xbox Live. In fact, if I gave you my gamer tag, it is quite possible we have played.

Free Xbox Live Gold Codes
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So if you have either the Xbox 360 or Xbox One, you know the importance of having an Xbox Live Gold code membership. It is the key to playing with your family and friends. It doesn’t matter if they are in the next room or across the ocean. As you know once that trial code runs out you either lose your access to online games or you have to fork out the monthly or annual fee. If you are addicted to online gaming like myself you will do whatever it takes to keep Xbox live. If you are a moderate player you may like playing online but just can’t justify the monthly fee. So you lose access to playing with your friends and the other perks of being an Xbox Live Gold member. Trust me I understand how times are for most of us. There are times when l have had to weigh between getting a monthly Xbox pass or filling up my car with gas. If it comes down to having gas to get to work or playing COD, I’ll have to choose gas for the car. Although to be honest, it would be a tough decision. I guess I just haven’t gone that far overboard…yet.

So if you have that online multiplayer bug, but don’t have the money or wish to put out for one, let me introduce you to the power of free Xbox Live Gold codes. These free codes seem to fall into line with Bigfoot and UFO sightings. Everyone talks about their existence, but no one seems to ever have proof that they exist.

If you do a simple search on Google for a free Xbox Live membership, you will be faced with pages of results. The problem with many of these sites is they aren’t offering you anything but false hope. I challenge you to hit up 10 sites offering a free Xbox code, and I can guarantee at least nine of them will be scams. Many times if you are wanting to play Xbox Live without paying you are going to have to do some digging and research. In essence, these game codes aren’t really free, you have to trade in some time and hard work. However, I am going to try and give you a few shortcuts to getting a free Xbox Live code without so much work and not infecting your system with viruses and malware. Let’s get you on the way to playing Titanfall for free! Here are three easy ways to get started:

Free Xbox Live Gold Membership Giveaways

These are legitimate sites that offer you a free membership based on a certain action. You may be required to buy a game, complete so many levels in a game, or even participate in a gaming competition. If you feel you have what it takes in gaming, these can be great ways to get free codes. The only problem is they are not a constant and you have to really keep a watch out for these competitions. A good spot to watch for them is in the actual Xbox forums and website. You may also keep a tab on upcoming games, as they are always offering up freebies and giveaways when you pre-purchase.

Free Xbox Live Code Generators

I am not too fond of this as a means to get a free month of Xbox Live just because of the consequences. These code generators that can be found online offer very little value for the user. Typically, the codes that are generated never work and the only thing you are going to get is a headache. Generally, these generators will install adware, malware, and viruses. All you are left with is a broken computer and still no Xbox Live. So if you choose to download an Xbox Live Generator, do so at your own risk.

Free Xbox Live Gold Codes By Survey

One of the best and easiest ways to start playing Xbox Live games for free online is by completing online surveys and offers. Once again, you will have to do a little research to find the easiest and quickest offers to complete. This is one of the best win-win situations online. By completing a survey or offer the company gets simple information and you receive a free Xbox game code.

Best of all, you can do these little offers on a monthly basis and have Xbox Live free all year long. One of the best online sites to get a genuine free Xbox code can be found here. There is nothing to download and harm your computer. You will instantly receive your game code after completing the simple free offer. Here’s hoping to seeing you on Xbox Live!

Xbox Live Heaven

Ever since the descendant of the old Xbox got released, a new way of killing boredom was born – the Xbox Live. Xbox live is an online subscription, a special feature of the Xbox 360 that allows you to connect with other people through the internet and play your favorite video games with them. However, Xbox live is a subscription and like any other subscription out there it is not free. People thought that their lives will become more enjoyable and boredom will be forgotten for good with the help of their new expensive Xbox 360 and it did; not for long though until they’ve gotten fed up playing all alone while the entire world is playing their Xbox game online. So what to do? Subscribe to Xbox Live. Well like mentioned above it is not free and most of the Xbox Live users had become financial slaves to the Xbox Live System. It is not cheap to pay $59 a year for a gold membership when you think that it should be free after buying the expensive console. So is there really an Xbox Live Heaven where there are free xbox live gold codes available you might ask. The answer is a big YES.

Why Are There Free Xbox Live Gold Codes

Xbox LiveAfter buying the 300-dollar console and having only limited gears with it, plus the fact that you have to get a gold membership to get the most of Xbox, people felt that it is a total rip off! And after all of the frustration and their cries for their lost dignity (or money in this case), a group of programmers decided that there is something to be done that should give all the xbox users free xbox live gold codes. So a program was created to generate free xbox live gold codes out of thousands of collected used xbox live codes fed to a computer algorithm. After few months and eager advertisers later, a website was born to create free xbox live gold codes in exchange for a few survey answers. The data gathered will be substantial information to help improve online gaming industry.

Where Is Xbox Live Heaven?

Although the codes are not 100% working, it is 91% guaranteed to work. So if at first try it did not work and it says on your system that the code is already used, just go back and generate a new one. Just go to Xbox Live Gold Codes , fill out a form and then generate the sweet stuff. You can now enjoy all the perks of having a gold membership for free all year round. There are also other available options in the website if you find that the codes you are getting don’t work and if you don’t want to get your codes right away without the fluff.

The Xbox Gold Membership

One may think that his problem with boredom will end after getting a new Xbox 360 but it’s wrong. After spending some time all alone with your Xbox 360, playing the same old games that you play, you will eventually get bored and just want to go out there and play with other people in your neighborhood or your planet. Xbox live can give access to all of it; from playing with your friends or strangers online, to watching your movies in Netflix or HBO GO or even downloading the latest songs, streaming live sports and everything else your console offers. Now imagine all that, and think of it that it is all free. There is nothing in the world that is sweeter than free xbox live codes for an xbox user.

It Should Be Free

What is a better world than world where everything is free? That means free xbox live gold codes as well. Isn’t buying an expensive console enough to get what it is really intended for? Instead of paying xbox live gold for $59 dollars annually to Microsoft which by the way has enough if not too much money, why not get it for free? Simply go to the website provided, fill out the survey form and leave contact information, and generate your free xbox live codes. We all just want to have an enjoyable time while we live and we don’t want to waste money on something that we believe should be free. You deserve this.

The Hot Spot for Free Xbox Live Gold Codes

Say it isn’t so. Doesn’t Bill Gates have enough money already? Can you believe that after shelling out 300 bucks, you now have to pay for the Xbox Live Gold codes to get the “good stuff”? It’s bad enough that you only get one controller along with a Kinect, but now you have to purchase a code to be able to have an Xbox Live Gold account. What a rip off! I know you are as pissed off as me about this which is why I have decided to make a way for you to get free codes.

How Did You Make the Free Xbox Live Gold Codes?

Killer question! I hooked up with some of my gamer buddies and we scrounged around for all the Xbox Live Gold codes we could find. Once we had collected a few thousand of them, I had my programmers devise an algorithm that looked for sequences in the Microsoft codes. What we thought would take years to decipher was done in MONTHS! Because of the diligence of my staff, we were able to devise a way to crank out free codes. Aren’t we awesome? Now you can get your free codes and use them for a WHOLE YEAR! SAWEEEET!!!!

How Can I Get My Free Xbox Live Gold Codes?

DANG!!! You are two for two. We tried to think of a way to get these out to the gaming community and we have come up with an UBER idea. We are not asking for you to jump through a bunch of hoops. We have teamed up with some advertisers and they have allowed us to provide you with the free Xbox Live Gold codes for simply taking an offer or filling out an easy survey. All you need to do is go here Xbox Gold Codes and choose which option you prefer. Most of the time, the free codes will open up before you even complete the offer. We know your time is limited and you want to get back to your gaming so we have tried to cut corners and streamline the process. It’s a small price to pay for having your free Xbox Live Gold codes, right?

Okay, So What Do I Get With My Free Xbox Live Gold Codes?

Another nice one! Once you get your codes, you can go online to Xbox Live and do a ton of cool stuff. You can download and play free full 360 games, try out game demos, update your games by getting songs and game content, rent or even buy HD movies, hook up and play games with your friends online, watch killer flicks on Netflix and HBO GO, see your favorite TV shows on Hulu Plus, catch live sports on ESPN through your Xbox 360, use Zune Music Pass and iHeartRadio to listen to your favorite tunes, use Kinect to go face-to-face with your buddies and on and on. Dude, my fingers are bleeding from all of this typing. Once you get your codes, you can log in and see what all you get to do. I KNOW you are going to love it AND us! Instead of giving Uncle Bill any more of your hard earned money, put it into the gas tank of your car by getting our free Xbox codes.

I do need to point out that, although the free Xbox Live Gold codes are easy to get, there is no guarantee that they will work. As good as my guys are, they could only get a 91% success rate for the free Xbox codes. Still, that is pretty dang good, right? If you want to make sure that your free Xbox Live Gold codes are going to work and avoid seeing that your code has already been used, you can head over to PointStackers and set up a free account. All you need to do is provide your email address so we can send you your free Xbox codes. I’m going to give you 200 points just for doing that. Hey, it’s a start. The way you get more points is to take a simple survey or try out an offer. We have some cool stuff like free online games and UBER coupons. You can get 20 points for each friend you refer who signs up and verifies his/her account. Remember, ALL of these are free. All they cost is your time. Cool, huh? Hurry and get your free Xbox Live Gold codes and start playing games online. I’ll see you there!

How can I get free xbox live codes without the fluff?

Are you crazy about playing games on Xbox? If so, then you must be aware of the importance of Free Xbox live codes. Since it’s launching, Xbox live has become the most popular and loved gaming console all around the world. It is the second gaming console by Microsoft after their initial console Xbox. The rapid success of Xbox urged Microsoft to launch their second gaming console much better than initial Xbox. Now after the successful launching of Xbox, there remains an issue of crucial importance which is the cost of playing on Xbox.
When talking about Xbox the only thing that can have an impact on its sale and popularity is the cost of the codes required to play games. The Xbox live gives user the unique opportunity to play multiplayer games online with gamers from worldwide. But for doing that you got to have enough Xbox live codes. These codes are quite costly when compared to the financially tough time we all are going through. That is the reason why we can say that if there is anything that can stop gamers to playing Xbox, then it surely is the cost of codes. Like all other problems, there ought to be a solution of this problem too.
As the cost of codes are too much for a common person, gamer therefore all of Xbox lovers want to know the way through which they can have Free Xbox codes. Well, when there is a will, there is a way. Same is the case with Xbox codes, there are quite many ways in which you can have your free Xbox Live Gold codes and enjoy the ultimate gaming experience.
Now the first and by far the easiest way to have free codes is to buy certain games which offer free Xbox codes for a trial period. There are many games available in market that gives free codes for different trial periods. Some cheaper games gave away 48 hours of free codes while other more expensive games are offering up to two-months of free trial period. But then you have to remember, weather for 48 hours or two-months this is just a trial period and once this periods is over you will have to buy codes and there is no way you can extend these trial periods.
Another way of earning free Xbox live gold codes is to visit different websites. Now this is a really useful way to have access to unlimited free codes. But you will have to work very hard to earn those free codes. It goes something like this; there are many websites that are constantly offering free Xbox live codes if you can do whatever they ask you to do. Now generally these sites ask for certain things that are useful for their publicity one way or the other. Therefore you will be required to do and extensive publicity of these sites to be able to achieve free Xbox live codes from time to time.

Free Xbox Live Gold Codes: How To Earn Free Xbox Live Gold Codes

Xbox 360 Codes

Who is unaware of the importance of Xbox live codes? Xbox live is equally loved and played worldwide. Gamers all over the world are just crazy about this latest sensation from Microsoft. Xbox gives the opportunity to the gamers to connect with other gamers worldwide and compete with them sitting at home. The Xbox live, since its launching has become some sort of phobia for the people and especially for the younger generation. They just love to play games on Xbox and no one can convince them to stop playing. One thing that can create a hurdle in their playing is the cost of codes which are needed to play the games over the internet. As Xbox live gaming console enables you to play live on the internet with gamers from all around the world, therefore you need codes to play games online. These codes are generally quite costly and you need to buy them constantly if you want to play games.
In today’s crashing financial times where it is really getting tougher and tougher day by day to have a control over budget, the cost of the codes can have a real bad impact on gamers. Not all gamers are able to pay so much money for playing this. Now the question arises, what can one do to have free Xbox codes? Well, there are certain ways in by which you can be able to have free codes hence you can enjoy your Xbox experience uninterruptedly. Let’s have some brief look at the ways in which you can access free codes.
One of the methods to be able to earn free Xbox codes is to go for a search on different websites. Now one thing that you should remember is that, if you want to enjoy playing Xbox live for free then, certainly you will have to work hard. When I say work hard I mean it. There are different websites giving free Xbox live gold codes continuously if you do the work that they ask. Basically you have to do publicity of their site some way or the other, which enables them to have more visits on their site, resulting in profit. In return they will be rewarding you with free Xbox live codes.
Another way to earn free Xbox codes is by competing in the competitions that are held up by Microsoft. Once or twice in an year, Microsoft organizes a competition in which gamers from all over the globe take part and compete for the best gamer. All you need to do is to participate in this competition and luckily if you win it, you will be given lots of free Xbox codes for free.
Another method is to buy games that offer free codes for a trial period. Now this should be done carefully as different Xbox games offers different amount of free codes. You again need to search in market to look for the games that are giving largest amount of free Xbox live codes.

Free Xbox Live Codes

I don’t know about you, but I am so tired of wasting my time looking for free Xbox Live Gold Codes that actually work! I find tons of free Xbox Live code generators online but none of the free codes they generate ever work. It’s so frustrating and annoying when my buddies and I get together to play Xbox Live! online and I put in the codes and they don’t work, what a time suck! Obviously these bogus forums and sites are just spam sites.
I was so happy when I finally found a real site that generates actual codes that really work! All my wasted hours were finally worth something when I found this free xbox live gold generator because the codes truly work! This site generates xbox live codes for free membership! It doesn’t take much effort and soon I was putting in the free Xbox codes I got and they were actually working with Xbox Live online!
Now, my buddies aren’t pissed at me and I’m not wasting all my time looking for free xbox live gold codes, I’m gaming instead! Sweet!

Where Can I Get Free Xbox Live Codes That Work?

Xbox Live Code Generator
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For human beings to eradicate boredom is the most important thing. They do try number of activities to get rid of the tedious routine at least during the weekend. In the past people used to play physical games to remain active but the new technology has provided the games a new dimension altogether. One is not required to compete in the playfield anymore. Now it is controlled by the internet facilitated computers. Today one can get engaged in various games that are being played on the gaming consoles like Xbox. From the past many years people are using Xbox live codes to explore the thrilling games. Owing to the rare features and unique technique Xbox live became the most popular service of the decade.
Most of the people have already adapted it as a creative activity to pass the free time. Others are looking for free Xbox live codes to begin their gaming voyage. Gaming enthusiasts have developed ways through which they play the game without spending much on it. The free codes are one of the ways that facilitate new challenges in the online gaming arena. The determination of the players has derived the policy of playing games at very reasonable rates. They trigger the availability of the free Xbox live gold codes in the presence of high gaming demands. The code is utilized to compete with the other players and to earn points. It facilitates the unique technology of live gaming in a very reasonable or no cost. This is pertinent in that one will be able to compete with number of competitors.

Xbox Live Code Generator
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Thus it is a unique system which gives the chance to hone the competing skills by meeting the daily challenges. One also gets to learn different ways of playing the online game. Owing to soaring demand of free Xbox live gold codes various websites are offering them in the form of freebies or with games. They are using it as the promotional tactic to introduce new game or websites. So, one can easily obtain the code through any of these sources. Some also charge the fee but that too costs really low and fits in the budget of most of the people. While buying code on the websites remain vigilant to restrict the case of cheating or fraud. Various fraudulent sites offer the code to the players posing as the authentic one but they do this only to extract the personal information of the user.
At the time of purchasing the gaming console one also gets some free Xbox live codes which can be used to play games online. These allow the person to enhance the competing spirit by taking over the competitor. It also provides the scope of refreshing mind by doing something unique. So it has become the most common form of creative activity that one can perform to enjoy some happy moments. One can check with different websites providing this service to verify the genuine and most reliable source. One can also read the reviews posted by previous users to establish the authenticity of the source.
Xbox Live Code Generator
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These days’ people are more into online games. That is why the demand of the Xbox live codes is rising rapidly. They help the user in playing the games to get rid of the boring routine. They also impart the competitive spirit to the player.