What you should know about free Xbox Live gold

Xbox Live is an online multi-player gaming service created and operated by Microsoft Corporation. It was made available to the Xbox system in November 2002 and updated to make it available for the Xbox 360 console. It offers players from around the globe a platform to interact and play against each other in real-time through the internet. This online service is available at various levels with Xbox Live Gold being one of the premium levels of the game provided by Microsoft. Players who need free Xbox live gold can get this service by using online tools to access free codes.

Players who have subscribed for Xbox Live Gold gain access to a variety of gaming capabilities. Players can not only watch HD movies, TV shows and sports but they are also able to get access to internet communications using the Xbox Kinect. The Kinect technology enables users to speak out audibly what they wish to listen or watch. The Xbox recognize these commands and activate the required media.

Xbox Live Gold allows players to go online to take part in standard games; alternatively they can play games that involve Xbox Kinect. Although gamers are connected via the game interface the Xbox Live controls all the activity. This means that even when a player is using the interface of a particular game they are able to simultaneously interact and utilize the Xbox Live interface at the same time. The ability to interact and use the Xbox Live interface system makes it easy to manage the system, hardware as well as software components from the Xbox remote.

The Xbox Live Gold service together with Kinect hardware makes an effective too for video conferencing; this can be used for professional and casual interactions. Additionally if you have the Xbox you can simply use a television monitor to keep in touch with family, business associates and friends.

Players who want to get the free Xbox Live Gold have to identify subscription codes that are valid in order to activate an account. These codes can be obtained for free from XboxLive GoldCodes.com. This is the site where you can get more information on how to use this service as well as how to regularly renew it for free. Players who need to get this gaming service for free have to fill a brief survey and enter the required information to be allowed to access the new X box Live code generator. The generator will issue a subscription code that can be used to access the XBL gold network.

If you want to find a functional free xbox live gold code then you have to use an XBL Gold code generator. The code generator program is designed by a team of programmers and uses Microsoft’s code- formation methods that are similar to authentic codes. To put it simply, there are a number of original codes or keys for unlocking the subscription on the Xbox network; however program designers have devised a way to create false codes that are similar to the genuine codes which allow users free access into the network.

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